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Brother Ronnie is bringing history to life with these awesome stories. His voice is unique for radio which makes listening a pleasure. I really appreciate his heart for this and how professional it is produced. Great job brother!

Travis Sharpe
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Every Pastor, church leader needs this podcast in their daily routine. It is a reminder that the freedoms we have to worship and live right came at a cost to so many before us. Often we must look back in order to move forward. Ronnie Brown has paved a great avenue to do so! God bless and enjoy this inspirational tool called Forgotten.

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Wonderful Podcast! Forgotten is one of the best podcasts I've found. The quality is very good, as well as the content. You will quickly find yourself engulfed in the stories you hear, and they will stick with you throughout the day, as you learn of some of the forgotten that have gone before us. Good luck not binge listening to them all in one day.

Jeffrey Perry
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Brother Ronnie's series is captivating and unforgettable! Listen and be encourged by the amazing stories of Christians of the faith that were ordinary men and women that were inspired to live for God no matter the cost.

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As I was listening to the first episode of “Forgotten” I was speechless! The way it was written, the way it was delivered, the way it was produced was nothing short of class and professionalism. It grabs you from the opening line and won’t flipping let go! “Forgotten” has not only been used to convict and encourage my heart, but there are folks all over the country that continue to echo my feelings regarding “Forgotten”. Listen man, “Forgotten” is not something that you can sit down and in fifteen minutes have a final cut done and ready to air. The amount of time and passion Ronnie puts into “Forgotten” week in and week out demands my utmost respect and gratitude. It is one of the most impressive ideas I have ever seen become reality in my lifetime.

MuchMore520 Radio

If you want something that can change your life...listen to Forgotten! Ronnie does an awesome job at not only telling a story but how it changes your life...don't believe me...take a listen!

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I only have listen to the first two and both have touched me and convicted me. The story of young master Hunter and his faith to Jesus brought me to tears. I look at my life and I am 44, and I see doubt, rebellion, and a heart that has been divided. God forgive me for my half-heartedness to Him. Thank you for these stories of real life that reveal God's faithfulness. If only we trust and obey as these people have. Please keep them coming They are wonderful!

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I love this podcast and the encouraging stories.

Sharon Williams 
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Everyone please listen. This is such a great podcast!!

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Hey Facebook! I want to recommend this AMAZING Podcast by my dear friend pastor Ronnie Brown. It is called, "Forgotten. " It is amazing stories of people long ago just like me and you who have been almost or nearly, "Forgotten about," yet God used them in a tremendous way. Take a listen and tell me what you think. Thanks!

Billy S.
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I encourage all of my friends to listen to my friend and brother in Christ, Ronnie Brown. He has a magnificent way of engaging listeners as he recounts stories of the forgotten past. If you're a history buff, this is the podcast for you. If you're a Believer, this is the podcast for you. If you're a non-believer, this is the podcast for you. I can't think of a person who wouldn't be enlightened by his show. It is very well produced, and the stories will have you on the edge of your seat.

Nathan R.
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Awesome! Can't ever wait until the next program. Keep up the good work.

Richard C.
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Stellar program!

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Very informative.

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Awesome podcast! Really enjoy the stories and messages told along with them. Ronnie has a great speaking voice that keeps you engaged in all of the stories. Keep up the good work.

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This is a great podcast! The quality of the audio is great and the speaker is very captivating. I have enjoyed every episode and I look forward to hearing more.

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